Innovative and economical attendance management system

Attendance Face Detect is a facial recognition software designed to identify and track attendance in any situation: at work, at school, at events and much more.

The software can be installed on a windows computer / tablet on a fixed station at the entrance and it will automatically recognize the people who are identified and save the time of entry and exit

Main Features

Attendance Face Detect is the ideal solution to automate the detection of attendance or access to a specific environment (working or not) quickly and accurately. With this program you can easily detect presence using "Face Recognition" technology, based on Neural Networks and able to identify a person by evaluating the photo of his face based on one or more images that portray him

Import or register your employees / users whose presence you want to monitor

Biometric Facial Detection and Recognition

Attendance registration with entry and exit times for each user

Access to user database and attendance data reports

Excellent program, intuitive, easy and functional ... an excellent solution to manage attendance or accesses through face recognition.

- Max M.