How to detect attendance by facial recognition

    How to detect attendance by facial recognition

    Attendance Face Detect is one of the simplest and most intuitive facial recognition systems in the market. Thanks to this software it is possible to control accesses or detect attendance of employees, students or other subjects who access a certain environment (work and not).

    If you’re looking for a face recognition attendance system that’s simple, fast, and reliable, download the free demo version of Attendance Face Detect

    Immediately after installation on any Windows PC, a login window will appear.

    The default data (that you can edit later) are:

    USER: admin

    PASSWORD: 12345

    After entering the indicated data click on SUBMIT and the initial interface of the program will open:


    How to place users in the database
    How to perform facial recognition
    How to turn on presence detection
    How to analyze detected presences
    Other Settings
    How to activate PRO version

    How to add Users into the dB (e.g. students, employees, etc…)

    The first thing to do is to add people (students, employees, etc.) to the database to whom you want to activate face recognition attendance service. To do this click at the bottom left on the ENROLLMENT section and the following screen will open:

    Start inserting users by filling in the required fields that are the Name and Contact information (fields marked with the asterisk * ). In addition to these fields, you can also enter other information such as address, gender, age, date of birth or other information. You can also split users into “groups”: click on the “+” symbol to add and create different user groups.

    When done, click SUBMIT to enter the user in the database:

    Proceed to add all other users. To see all users entered in the database click down on the DATA LIST section and a screen like this will open. Click “Refresh” at the top to update the list.

    NB: With the DEMO version of the program you can enter a maximum of 5 users. To remove this limit and be able to enter UNLIMITED users click on the “PRO VERSION” button at the top and proceed with the purchase of the PRO license of the program.

    How to perform facial recognition

    Once the users have been entered into the database you have to proceed with the user’s association with a certain photo of the face. This procedure is the basis of the facial recognition system. To proceed with this, click the FACE DETECT section and such a screen will open.

    Now click in the USER ID field and automatically the window will open with the list of users/members you created earlier. Double-click the name of the user you want to “face detect”.

    The “User ID”, “Group Name”, “Name”, and “Contact” fields will be automatically filled with the data of the selected user. Now click on the START DETECTION & RECOGNITION button as shown in the following figure:

    It will automatically enable the webcam of the computer. The image will then appear on the screen, and the face of the person to be recognized will be automatically marked by a red square.

    NB: To do this you can also use passports or paper photos of the person to be registered. However, it is preferable to do the operation directly with the person concerned in order to create an updated and more precise photo.

    Click ADD FACE on the right to associate that face image with that particular person.

    This should be done with all users for whom you want to detect attendance automatically by facial recognition. It is an operation that must be done only once and for each user it is possible to make even more than one photo (by clicking several times on ADD FACE).

    How to Turn on Attendance Detection

    After done the facial recognition operation for each member, you can enable the ATTENDANCE detection feature that will go to record the entry (and also exit) of a all people. To activate this function click on the ATTENDANCE tab and in the window that opens click START DETECTION as shown in the following figure:

    The computer webcam will be turned on. From now, as soon as the system detects the face of a registered user, it will automatically show its name and entry time on the right side of the program (see example below)

    All users who pass in front of the webcam will be detected and the system will record their name and entry time (under the TimeIN column).

    Upon leaving the place subject to presence detection, users will have to go back in front of the webcam and this time the system will write the exit time under the TimeOUT column.

    Every day this screen will be returned (attendance data will be available from the Reports section).

    How to analyze the presences detected

    If you want to analyze all the presences detected (by day or per user) you just need to access the REPORT tab. Here you can also search for a range of dates and see all the presences detected by the system (with the name of the person, group, entry time, exit time, etc…)

    By clicking PRINT at the bottom you can print the report.

    By accessing the EXPORT/IMPORT section instead, you can save all users (or members), or import them from a .csv file.

    Other Settings

    The ADMIN section is the one that allows you to manage access (as an administrator or operator) to the program. By default the password set is 12345, but from this section you can change it by entering your most secure password.

    By clicking on SETTINGS instead you will access other options of the program. In fact, you can create a customized version of the program by translating the strings in the list. Once you have done this translation click on the “Active customize language pack” check-box and restart the program. When you restart, the program will be in the language you want.

    Also very important is the “Attendance In/Out Delay Time” menu because it allows you to establish the minimum time interval (in minutes) for which the system can detect a user’s input and output. For example, if it is set a value of 5 minutes, when a user switches from the webcam at 08:00 (entry time) and then reviews at 08:06, the latter time will be seen as exit time (TimeOut).

    How to turn on Attendance Face Detect

    The FREE version of Attendance Face Detect has all the features on and the only limitation is that you can set up to 5 users. If you want to remove this limitation and be able to use the program with UNLIMITED users, you must purchase the program license and activate it.
    To do this, click the PRO VERSION button at the top and this window will open:

    Click Buy Now to access the purchase page. After the purchase you will receive by email the registration code to be entered in the program and click on Register to activate it permanently.